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PII-SKIN (Dermal Transduction Technology)

Transduction of FITC-labeled MTD into 3 kinds of skin cell
Artificial skin penetration of FITC-labeled MTD 
Morphological Change of Fibroblast Cell 

Cell Morphology changed after 72hrs of incubation with
PC-EGF in the condition of serum free medium.

PC-EGF Modulates the Skin Rejuvenation 
by Stimulation of Cell Proliferation 

Cell proliferation assay with human fibroblast after MTD-EGF 
treatment for 72hrs in serum free medium. 

Penetration profile of PC-EGF applied to 
the EpiDermTM Tissue Model 

FITC conjugated EGF and PC-EGF (10 µg) were loaded in
Cadaver skin cell. After 24 hour, EpiDermTM Tissue were
used for confocal microscopy.

Bioavailability Test 
IGF 대비 PC-IGF 피부투과력 84배 증가
펩타이드, 성장인자 등의 고기능성
향장원료의 효율적 피부투과 구현

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